Where is the documentation to start setting up MOSIP on local machine

I’m a beginner in mosip and I find the documentation confusing for me how do i get started setting up MOSIP on my local machine.I can’t really find a straightforward guide where to really start the setup and how to use it for web development, if you can give me some link on where to find it, will appreciate it thanks.

Read these documents :

Make sure you have the requirements, particularly on hardware needed.

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Hi @Chriszer_Tamayo

To start your setup for MOSIP I am sharing the documentation that you can refer and this will guide you, please write your query here for any steps where you face an issue our team will help you out.

First point of reference:

Suggestions provided by @rcsampang please go through this as well!


Hardware Requirements


Thanks @rcsampang for your support here to your fellow community members. Really Appreciated!

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Hi I appreciate the response thanks for this guide :slight_smile: surely I will ask if I encounter an issue

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thank you for this one :slight_smile:

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Great @Chriszer_Tamayo you start exploring if any issue comes up you start the new thread pointing out the specific issue.

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