Query on MOSIP On Prem setup Hardware requirements


I am working on setting up MOSIP On-prem.
Initially we are targeting to setup below modules ,

  1. Pre registration
  2. Registration
  3. ID Authentication services

We are in process of procuring server for same,
In below link


I have one query for hardware config,
The hardware requirement for cluster node is mentioned as 12vCPUs, 32GB RAM, 128GB Storage and No. Of VM 6.
Should we consider that all 6 VMs will need 12vCPUs, 32GB RAM, 128GB Storage or the overall hardware setup will split across 6 VMs?

Please advise on this.
Also if you can suggest a minimum hardware to start with for above mentioned 3 modules.

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Hi @Saurin.Chauhan

All the 3 modules will use all the services with 6 VMs, to understand more about on-prem installation click here.

  1. Pre-registration
  2. Registration
  3. ID Authentication services

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Hi @sanchi-singh24 ,

Thank you for the updates, I see an overall Hardware requirements table is given on this link

Also I found HW calculators on this location.

But just want to re-confirm on considering the hardware requirements.
Should we consider Config 1 or Config 2(No. of VM * HW config.) for overall hardware ? (please refer below image)

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hi @Saurin.Chauhan link gives the overall resource requirement for running all the required modules with single replication in a sandbox mode for testing purpose.

Resource calculator provided here is only for pre-registration based upon user provided input as per their requirement…

As part of our sandbox deployment we create a k8 cluster with mentioned no of nodes(no. of VM) and specified configuration (Config 1). On top of this k8 cluster we deploy all the infra, external and mosip services.

Note: we need VM’s of different families as listed in Configurations.

Overall, as per your question you should consider config 2 as overall hardware configuration which will be distributed among the no of VM’s and configuration as mentioned in config 1.

Config 2 is overall configurations.
Config 1 is distributed configuration of each type of nodes used in the installation.

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This information works for me, Thank you @ckm007 .

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