Mosip VMs for observation cluster and mosip cluster

Hello I am trying to install mosip, but having confusion about observation cluster that must have 2 VMs and mosip cluster that must have 6 VMs, I would like to know what to install in those same VMs ?

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As I can see you are having a few doubts about VMs, I will ask my deployment team member to look into this @ckm007 by the time you go through this documentation.

Check this link which gives the overall resource requirement for running all the required modules with single replication in a sandbox mode for testing purpose.

Resource calculator provided here is only for pre-registration based upon user-provided input as per their requirement…

As part of our sandbox deployment, we create a k8 cluster with the mentioned no of nodes(no. of VM) and specified configuration (Config 1). On top of this k8 cluster, we deploy all the infra, external and mosip services.

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The MOSIP cluster involves the deployment of MOSIP’s external and internal services.

The Observation Cluster, as an organizational entity, facilitates access to and oversees the management of various MOSIP clusters through the Rancher application.

For more details, please follow the documentation from here

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