S3 Bucket Integration

at this line:

You expect integrators to provide an AWS user for S3. That is something I do not want to do and i’d rather use the object store with AWS IRSA to contact AWS S3 API.

Is it possible to skip this configuration and how does it behave in the app properties ?

With IRSA the application within the pod through the AWS SDK will pick up Web Identity token from the AWS credentials chain and get the values from envvars.


any news about that ? The component using this is datashare but I cannot find the source code repository anywhere based on your release note:

If that functionality is not available we could make a PR out of it.

The code for this is available in the khazana library. https://github.com/mosip/khazana/blob/master/kernel/object-store/src/main/java/io/mosip/commons/khazana/impl/S3Adapter.java

any plan for your team to implement this feature in a close future ?

@Jalh ,

Currently, we have no plan to use the AWS IRSA as we do not see any country deploying in AWS for production usage.

However, if you plan to make the change please feel free to raise a PR.