Regarding External Database Setup For MOSIP

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We have a requirement to setup external database(Postgres) for the MOSIP K8s cluster for production environment. We could not find the db_scripts repo/folder for importing the data into the database and also creating users. Could you please share us the relevant link for the SQL scripts for proceeding with the setup?

FYI…this is the repo URL which we found in the MOSIP official collection. But we are not able to find the proper structure of SQL files for each module for the external Postgres database setup.

Repo URL: GitHub - mosip/commons: This repository contains common utilities and services used by other MOSIP modules
Branch: Master

Could you please help us with this and guide to do the same?

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Hi @reddi3

Thank you for reaching out about the SQL scripts for setting up an external PostgreSQL database for MOSIP K8s in production.

Regarding your specific questions: - One of our team members will look into this asap and provide you the proper structure of SQL files. May I consider you are looking at all platform modules of MOSIP?

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the location of the SQL scripts. We strive to continuously improve our documentation and resource accessibility for future releases.

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Hi Sanchi,

Thanks for the quick response. Yes we are looking for SQL files for all platform modules of MOSIP and also the scripts for creating the database users for each service.

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Reddi Naveen

Thanks, @reddi3 for the clarification. Our team will provide you with the details.

@reddi3 check below postgres init helm chart values for detailed list of DB’s with the repo where its sql files are present.
Please use your respective branch/tag

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