Issue installing conf-secrets service

We tried to install conf-secrets, via script, mosip-infra/deployment/v3/mosip/conf-secrets at · mosip/mosip-infra · GitHub

Result: namespace created, istio injected, and services not deployed.

Hi slimab

Conf-secrets dont install any service rather it generates secrets to be provided to the config-server.
You can view all the secrets generated in conf-sercets namespace.

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It is a java problem, the documentation of spring boot needs an additional argument for java to use the proxy
Erreur :

Fixing: proxy_name

Hi @slimab
Conf-secrets is different from config-server.
Conf-secrets: Creates necesary one time secrets required for MOSIP’s funtionality.
Config-server: Spring Config service is used to provide the configurations from remote repo to all the required MOSIP services.
As part of this ticket the issue is reported for config secrets, which is fine if secrets are created as there are no services.
You need to add new environment variables to the config server chart for proxy updates as mentioned.