Installation issues

When i install config server i am facing this error

Hi @anandhu

Let our team look into this.

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Dear @anandhu db-common-secrets will be copied from postgres namespace and also system show error namespace ‘captcha’ not found.

Did you installed this two namespaces ?

Please verify whether followed installation sequence as per infra document

i have attached link for V3 latest deployment

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@sanchi-singh24 @thamarai_kannan Me too I’m facing this error while installing config-server :

secrets “db-common-secrets” not found

Yes, postgres namespace is installed, below is the output :

Screen Shot 2023-11-15 at 15.26.58

I’m following v3 On-Prem installation guide

anandhu did you find a solution for this?

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secrets “db-common-secrets” will be present in postgres namespace. It will be created by default during postgres deployment.

@thamarai_kannan thank you. It was created by default by postgres initialization script.

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