OTP not received

Hi Team,

I completed pre-registration on-prem setup, but after logging in, I did not receive an OTP. I checked junk folder also, mock-smtp is up and running, but no error shows, which service needs to check error logs. Please help on this.

how to enable OTP and SMTP services. We used config server repo, the latest tagged version.

Chart version: config-server-12.0.1-B3.
We are using a public repo. The config-server repo has the values
mosip.kernel.auth.proxy-otp=true and mosip.preregistration.captcha.enable=false.
How do I change this default value? We need to enable OTP and Captcha service.

Hi @bal_sam

Regarding OTP services for pre-registration @aihamh will be the right person to guide you through the steps to be followed to fix this.

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