Pre registration services & UI

Hi Mosip team
I have some issues with pre registration module and I have the following question:
1 - Regarding the captcha, are you using recaptcha v2 or v3 ?

2 - When I have started the pre-registration-application-service and pre-registration-batchjob, I have gotten the following error:

3 - the UI does not laod all i18n keys:

Yes, I already checked this table and its empty, I posted my question just to check if something in the guide needs to be adjusted.

Why is the master data service url configured? is its IP address or service name? Looks like its not able to reach the master data service or the service is returning an empty response.

I have added some valid documents and it works, my question is there any thing to be updated in the guides ?

Good Question. I don’t think we have documentation on important master data and some samples for the same. @nayakrounak can we take this up and see how we can enable this in documentation?

Sure, @gsasikumar .

@zeddari, for your above questions,

@zeddari, may I know in which pre-registration service we are getting this error? - prereg-application-service or prereg-batchjob-service