OTP Not Receiving To Few Mail IDs

Hi Team,

We have enabled SMTP on our MOSIP system’s prereg portal and it is working as expected. But the issue is we are receiving OTP on only few mail IDs and not receiving on remaining IDs. This is happening for random mail IDs and we are not receiving anything in the logs too. This is the screenshot in the portal which we get for not working IDs.

FYI…We have changed the below settings to enable OTP functionality.

mosip.kernel.auth.proxy-email = false
mosip.kernel.auth.proxy-otp = false

Kindly check and let us know if the issue is at the mail server level or at the MOSIP side.


Dear @reddi3 ,

Thank you for reaching out, We are looking into your query and will get back to you soon!

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Hi @reddi3

This was a bug in old version and has been fixed in latest LTS Release.

As a workaround u can clear the prereg.otp_transaction table rows where statusCode=‘active’. post that restart pre-reg service
This will enable to send OTP.


Dear @reddi3,

I am writing to check back on your query and if you were able to resolve it with the workaround suggested by our expert colleague @aihamh ?

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