MOSIP 1.2.0 V3, Is the Logging module mandatory?What modules are mandatory to deploy?

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Can I choose not to deploy the logging module? Elasticsearch is consuming too many resources. I have set up some virtual machines to deploy the MOSIP cluster, and Elasticsearch is using a significant amount of resources. If it’s just for testing purposes, will there be any impact if I don’t deploy the entire logging module?

My purpose of setting up the MOSIP cluster is to simulate the complete process of device integration with MOSIP and validate whether my devices meet the requirements of MOSIP. Currently, I am following the deployment guide to set up the cluster, and I find that if I want to complete the full deployment, my virtual machine resources might not be sufficient (and I have already uninstalled the Logging module because Elasticsearch consumes too many resources).

External components

Install in the following order:

I would like to ask which essential modules are required if I only want to achieve my goals?

I would like to know the resources ( CPU, MEMORY, STORAGE ) used by your cluster nodes.

@syed.salman Hi
I have a physical server running Windows Server 2022 with the following specifications:
Caption : Intel64 Family 6 Model 85 Stepping 7
NumberOfCores : 20
MaxClockSpeed : 2100

256 GB


I installed VirtualBox on it to create 8 virtual machines for setting up Rancher and Mosip clusters. The virtual machine configurations were allocated according to the recommended specifications in the deployment guide. However, after deploying the modules, the CPU usage on all virtual machines is consistently above 80%, leading to severe performance issues and continuous pod restarts.

Hi @ryan

I have observed that there is a deficiency in CPU resources within your system. If feasible, I recommend provisioning six virtual machines (VMs) and distributing the available resources among these instances. It is permissible to disregard the implementation of monitoring, logging, and reporting deployments. However, please ensure the deployment of external and MOSIP modules.


Hi @ryan

As @syed.salman has updated there is a limitation in your CPU resources and for that, you need to run 6VMs and distribute the available resources. If this doesn’t solve your issue, write back to us if you’re stuck anywhere with this.

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