Where to find the Encryption Certificate

in the mds specification document

MDS Specification - MOSIP Docs 1.1.5

the document said i can download the certificates from the blew url.
POST https://{base_url}/v1/masterdata/device/encryptioncertficates`

The Encryption Certificate is used the encrypt the bio Data.
I deploy the sandbox env , but i don’t know the base_url. and I also can not find the path is the mosip github code.

Hey @dragon_king

Thanks for raising the concern I will ask one of my team members to look into this asap and guide you.

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is the certificate the same as the certificate get from IDA with applicationId=IDA and referenceId=IDA-FIR.

or from ida-internal-service swagger (requires authmanager token authentication): https://domain/idauthentication/v1/internal/swagger-ui.html#/keymanager/getCertificateUsingGET 1

Hi @dragon_king

I think you are correct. The IDA-FIR is downloaded from the above URL which needs authentication. I also see the same in MOSIP’s mock application.

MOSIP team, can you confirm this?

You need to fix this in your MDS specifications as I don’t see any API related to encryption certificate exposed from masterdata service.


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@dragon_king , In real MDS the certificate should be taken from the .cer file as the same will be shared to the MDS providers as a .cer file. This mock-mds implementation which is taking the certificate from IDA internal service is purely for the ease of configuration but the same should not be followed on real MDS.


thanks. In the ctk env, I use the encryption here below as the image show.

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I hope your issue is resolved @dragon_king