Usage of WSQ byte array of image as bioValue


We are developing a SBI client for Android and our fingerprint scanner returns wsq byte array captured fingerprint.

Document says that bioValue should be in ISO format so we used below BioUtils code for conversion

Now once we have the .iso file we do the following

  1. Perform a symmetric encrypt of byteArray of .iso with iv and aad bytes to create encoded bioValue.
  2. Now we create bioData with the above bioValue and sign with Device Provider Keys.

When we perform an ISO validation test with CTK app we get below error.

We also tested this against MockSBI app from here but getting the same error.

a) Are you taking the encryption key from KeyManager URL? If yes, what is the application_id and ref_id? It should be applicationId=COMPLIANCE_TOOLKIT&referenceId=COMP-FIR.
b) Other option is that you keep encryption key locally in your SBI code. You can download it from here in synergy env.
c) check the mosip-mock-services/MockMDS/src/main/java/org/biometric/provider/ at master · mosip/mosip-mock-services · GitHub
check encrypt method

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Thanks @Janardhan_BS. I updated the encryption key and it started working.

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