CTK Test Error with Mock SDK and BioService


When running the Face Extract Template Success test from CTK app I get the following error:

SchemaValidator (Validates the response for mandatory attributes and correct values)
[$.response.response.others: is missing but it is required]

I stripped out everything and replaced my extractTemplate function to the following:

public Response extractTemplate(BiometricRecord sample, List modalitiesToExtract,
Map<String, String> flags) {
Response response = new Response<>();
LOGGER.info(“---- Extract Template ----”);
return response;

I don’t see how I can add the others field to the response. I tried to initialize the List<BIR> segments field of the BiometricRecord object, but that didn’t seem to work.

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In CTK we do schema validation for the response we get from the SDK

for the code check here

if value is null you need to maintain response structure of BiometricRecord

please check and let us know.
thank you