Slot not created newly created centers

I created new centers in pre-registration and waited for one day but the booking slot is not generated against the newly created center. how can I resolve that? Please help us to resolve that issue.

Note: The batch job ran as usual but booking slots were not created.

Hi @manikandan_manikanda

You can see the slots for booking but are not able to proceed with booking with the new center created right? Are you getting any error or the action itself is not enabled to book the center after one day?

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Hi @sanchi-singh24
Yes, able to see my center in the booking screen but was unable to book the slot because no slot generated new centers. I attached the screenshot for your reference

Note: I created a new center yesterday. but the Booking Batch Job not created the slots

Hi @manikandan_manikanda ,

Can you please restart Pre-registration-application service, pre-registration-booking-service pods. once it’s up restart pre-registration-batchjob service.

Note : After batchjob run it takes some time to get reflected in pre-reg UI.

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@sanchi-singh24 @aihamh Thanks for prompt response. After restarting the pre-registration service and batch job service. Now it’s working fine