Error in pre-registration module

here is the logs for batch service:

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Hi Hamid,

Which PreReg version are you using?
For a PreReg application, the slots will be displayed for all the Registration Centers mapped to one of the location dropdowns.
Can you please check value of property:

This will tell you, which address field will be used to show the nearest Registration Centers.
and that means: Postal Code in our setup. So if the PreReg application, has PostalCode = ‘14022’, then the Book Appointment page will display ONLY those RegCenters which are mapped to ‘14022’.
(Refer to tables: master.registration_center & master.location)

If there are NO RegCenters which are mapped to ‘14022’, then you will see the error as in the screenshot.

Also Book Appointment page has the Search Option, to manually locate another Reg Center.

Please check and let us know if you need any more inputs.

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