Pre-registeration Booking Slot issue

The admin portal updated the morning that time the booking slots were available but afternoon all the available slots were gone. I refer to the pre-registration document the document says the job service Creating the booking slots (if not available) for the next 140 days (configurable) using the details available for the centers like center working hours, lunch breaks, no. of Kiosks, slot booking times & holidays. but slots are not created. anybody please help us to resolve that

Reference doc Url: Pre-Registration Functionality - MOSIP Docs 1.1.5

PreReg batch jobs runs as per below CRON schedule which is configurable

preregistration.job.schedule.cron.consumedStatusJob=0 0 0 * * ?
preregistration.job.schedule.cron.slotavailability=0 0 0 * * ?
preregistration.job.schedule.cron.expiredStatusJob=0 0 0 * * ?
preregistration.job.schedule.cron.purgeExpiredRegCenterSlots=0 0 0 * * ?

The Cron pattern consists of six space-separated fields:

<second> <minute> <hour> <day of month> <month> <day of week>

So as per above schedule, slot creation will be triggered at 00:00:00 hrs at midnight every day.

Please check the CRON schedule that if configured in your setup.

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Thanks for the quick response.

@mayuradesh What is the default schedule cron?

Please check the values in the configuration as per your setup.
Values mentioned above will trigger the batch jobs at 00:00:00 hrs at midnight every day, every month.

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