Registration client onboarding

We are getting error while onboarding user whose roles are REGISTRATION_OFFICER, REGISTRATION_SUPERVISOR.

  1. Create new user in keycloak
  3. Ran the mockmds for biometric
  4. Run the regclient
  5. Login with credentials
  6. Restart after sync
  7. Click on Get Onboarded
  8. Capture biometric via mock - Hard coded quality score in order to enable Save button
  9. Click on Save

There we are receiving below error,
i.m.r.s.o.i.UserOnboardServiceImpl : REGISTRATION - USER_ONBOARD - USER_ONBOARD_IMLP - REGISTRATION - REG - [{errorCode=RPR-RCT-001, errorMessage=RPR-RCT-001}]

Please confirm whether we can able to onboard user with mock MDS biometric.


Hi @Ganesh_Subramanian

Yes, we can onboard users with mock MDS biometrics for testing purposes but it is feasible to do it in our collab environment or local system because it simulates device services for testing, authentication, and delete registration functionalities and it will allow developers to interact with a device-service environment without a physical device.

@HimajaDhanyamraju2 Please look into this error.

Best Regards,

Hi @Ganesh_Subramanian,

For onboarding to be success, we need to map a valid UIN for that user in keycloak.

In keycloak, for your username, under Attributes section, we should have key as “individualId” and value as any valid UIN created in that environment.

Please cross-check if that mapping is done. If not done, please add it and then try onboarding from regclient.

Thanks & Regards,
Himaja Dhanyamraju

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Thanks that is missing. I will validate this and update you.

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Sure @Ganesh_Subramanian let us know if the query was resolved post-mapping valid UIN for that user in keycloak