RegClient (Error in mock biometric authentication)

we have configured mock integration from branch 1.1.5.
during biometric scan in regclient we are getting no device found exception

Hi @Jayant

Can you please provide below details?

  1. which version of reg-client?
  2. To use mock-mds, is the device partner onboarded?

and more details about how you have setup the mock-mds and reg-client logs could help us know more about the issue.

Thanks @Anusha_sunkadh for your support.

we created device partner from partner portal and uploaded root and IntermediateCA certificate but while uploading the client.cer we are getting api error. uploading key manager logs for your ref.
key manager version kernel-keymanager-service:

Hi @Jayant
Can you please confirm Reg.client and PMP versions also.

Hi @chandra_sekhar
This issue has been resolved. I am able to upload the client certificate for onboared device partner and after that created signed-Device.crt & Device.p12.
I did the changes in for MockMDS (1.1.5),
Now when i am login in regclinet and trying to biometric authentication (Face, iris, finger) we are getting device not found error
regclient version:
PMP version:
Followed this link to setup MockMDS: Building a Mock Registration MDS for your 1.2.0.x MOSIP Setup - MOSIP Support Desk - MOSIP (
MockMDS Logs

Kindly share the mock-mds startup logs.

Also check this POST if this helps

Thanks @chandra_sekhar @Anusha_sunkadh
issue has been resolved now.