Problem in New Registration

When I click New Registration I get this message "Found fields with error, kindly correct to continue.

Hi @hamid

If you are using default UI spec, then kindly check if you have created all the dynamic fields as required by the UI SPEC in the system.

with the above screenshot seems like “preferredLang” dynamic field is not created.

Hi @Anusha_sunkadh
could you please tell me how to create the dynamic fields ?
and please I have another problem, when I restart registration client, some of the global params become inactive

Hi @hamid

Here I’m attaching a brief video of how to create dynamic fields through admin-ui. PFA.
Dynamic Field Creation Tutorial

As for the other issue, please let us know what those params are.
If they include gender, residentStatus, bloodType, etc., then they might need to be created as dynamic fields.

Hi @balaji-alluru
thank you for the video.

this the type of the params that I’m talking about:

I have done a fresh setup, now when I click on synchronize 95 params becomes inactive

hello @balaji-alluru
I’ve created the dynamic fields and after sychronization I have now dynamic fields on reg.dynamic_field :

but I still have the error.

Now the dynamic fields are showing but not in the correct form:

Hi @hamid

Can you check if the data in master.dynamic_field is in correct format. You can cross check it with artifactory-ref-impl/artifacts/src/master-templates/dynamic_field.csv at develop · mosip/artifactory-ref-impl · GitHub

Hi @hamid

Please let us know the resolution provided by @Anusha_sunkadh whether helped you to solve the problem or not.

If any other issues are coming up let us know.

Best Regards,