Post Registration UID Download

Hi Team,
I have registered one user from reg-client and the status has been updated to Accepted.
Now how I can check if the registration process completed successfully from backend?
How to download UID card from resident service?

Reg client Status:

Admin portal status

Biosdk Version:
Abis version: mock-abis: & mock-mv:develop

status in registration_transaction table

Can you please share stage group 3 logs, to check which service is down.


Hi @chandra_sekhar
Please open the below link, logs attached in the given link.

Activemq Version: activemq-artemis

Hi @Jayant
Its not connected to queue, seems like middleware is down, Please check.


currently I am using Activemq version: mosipid/activemq-artemis. Do we need to change this?

Hi @Jayant
Please check in Activemq console whether address are showing or not.
If not showing then please restart activemq and then restart stage group 3.

Hi @chandra_sekhar
Showing addresses in Activemq