Initial Sync for Registartion client

When I run the registration client for the first time, when the synchronization starts, I get this problem “BIO_SDK_007 → SDK provider registry is empty!”. While debugging, I see that the attribute of the “BioAPIFactory” class in the “kernel-biosdk-provider” lib “private Map<BiometricType, Map<BiometricFunction, iBioProviderApi>> providerRegistry = new HashMap<>();” is empty?
Does anyone have an idea how to fill it in?


Hi @kamiri
May I know how did you run the registration client?

As Bio-SDK is a runtime dependency,

  1. If you are running through IDE: You need to add the SDK jar into the classpath or as a dependency in the registration-services pom.xml
    FYI: Registration Client Developers Guide - MOSIP Docs 1.2.0

  2. If you running from the package built using docker: Need to set this ENV “reg_client_sdk_url_env” with a valid URL of a zip file containing the required SDK jars.

Also, refer below link to set SDK related configurations with valid values:


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Thank you @Anusha_sunkadh Yes I tested and is passed :slight_smile: