Possibility of Fetching registered data from MOSIP Server, on demand for Printing

Hello All,

I have this understanding that we can fetch a specific user data using the Registration Number, through an API, on demand.

I want to enquire about following:
API Call:
1. API Endpoint URL: ex. https://api.synergy.mosip.net
2. HTTP Method: which is the supported method(like get,post etc)?
3. Headers: required format of Header
4. Request Parameters: required parameters to be supplied during API call
5. Authentication:
a. if any authentication required for API call?
b. If Yes, how to obtain those credentials?
c. Is it possible to have test credentials?
6. API Availability:
a. Will this api be available anytime for us to request data?
b. Or we have to request MOSIP to make it live for a time period?

API Response:
1. Response: what will be the response to API call?
a. Verifiable Credentials or database link for verifiable credentials?
b. What will be the response format? [I suppose same JSON format for VC]
2. Will this response be encrypted?
a. If Yes, we will need test keys to decrypt the data
3. If database link in response, is there another api to retrieve data?
a. Steps to access database programmatically
4. Error and Successful Responses from API for handling purpose [API documentation]
5. Do we need to reply back to API for any Status?

If mentioned approach is feasible, we would not have to host reference MOSIP (GitHub - mosip/print at MOSIP-28161) Print Service code at our end.

Looking for your kind support.

Hi @Vinay

Thank you for reaching out, I appreciate the detailed information you provided about the steps you’ve taken and the issues you’re encountering for print service.

Our team will get back to you with resolution on specific issues you have mentioned.

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Hello Team,

is there any update regarding the issue?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Vinay

As I could see you didn’t receive the solution from our end as team doesn’t take this time for the response, so apologies for the delay, we will make sure sure you get a reply for the above query asap.

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Not all the APIs are shareable and also there are some core logic involved for which internal libs are required.
You can follow the steps given in this link to run the print service locally.
Link: How build and deploy only Partner Print Service component - #4 by sanchi-singh24

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Hi @Vinay

As the link provided by our team member to run services locally has helped you out, please let us know, and if there is any other issue coming up with the print service you can write back to us in the same thread.

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