How build and deploy only Partner Print Service component

Hello All,

I am trying to integrate smart card printing and personalizing [writing data in smartcard] system.

From MOSIP documentation, i understood that the registered user data will be shared using websub and partner needs to host the Print Service.

Following is the link of said document:

Following is the link of reference code of Print Service:

I have tried to build and run the code, following are the steps and issues i am facing currently:

  1. Install the [pre-requisites]
  • Installed Ngrok and Java 11
  • Pre-requisite: Config Server is not installed, as it is unclear to me what all the needed steps are.
  • Query 1 : is Config Server setup is mandatory to run only Print Service at our end?
  1. In windows command prompt:
  • Execute “cd print”
  • Execute “mvn clean install”
  • Error 1: Could not find artifact info.weboftrust:ld-signatures-java:jar:0.8.0 in ossrh
  1. Updated pom.xml to resolve Error 1:
  • Added dependency of weboftrust in pom.xml.
  • Execute “mvn clean install”
  • Error 2: Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-gpg-plugin:1.5:sign (sign-artifacts) on project print: Exit code: 1
  1. Updated pom.xml again to resolve Error 2:
  • Added code “true” to skip the pgp signature verification in plugin “groupId>org.apache.maven.pluginsI”.
  • Execute “mvn clean install”
  • Build Success
  1. Start NGROK:
  • Execute command “ngrok http 80” [see attached ngrok.png]
  1. Execute following Run command:
  • Execute “cd target”
  • Execute “java -jar print-”
  • Error 3 : Could not resolve placeholder ‘mosip.auth.adapter.impl.basepackage’ in value “${mosip.auth.adapter.impl.basepackage}”. [see attached log “Error 3_Log.txt]

Query 2: MOSIP print service code refers to from where we can get the correct values for this properties file?

We were not able to resolve Error 3 at our end and we seek your support here.

Could you please help us with Query 1, Query 2, Error 1, Error 2 and Error 3.

Looking forward for your kind support.

Hi @Vinay

Thank you for reaching out, and I’m glad to hear that you’re excited about integrating the smart card printing and personalization system! I appreciate the detailed information you provided about the steps you’ve taken and the issues you’re encountering.

Our team is looking into the issue your facing for this particular integration and will get back to asap with a resolution.

Best Regards,

Hello Team,

is there any update regarding the issue?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Vinay

I have noted down both of your queries and asked my team to look into this most probably we will be able to provide solution by Wednesday, as team is not available for 2 days.

Best Regards,

  1. Clone the print service from “GitHub - mosip/print at MOSIP-28161” this repo and branch.
  2. All the required dependencies are added in pom.xml
  3. No need to configure config server locally instead git hub config url can be referred in print service.
  4. All the required properties have been added in print service property file. Ref:
  5. Update Ngrok call back url in file.
    Prop: "print-service.print={ngrok hostname}
  6. Update the secrets in
    Prop: “print-websub-hub-secret: {websub_event_secret}”
    Prop: “mpartner_default_print_secret: {print_secret}”
    Secret values can be shared individually.
  7. Command to build Print service:
    mvn clean install -Dgpg.skip=true -DskipTests
  8. Command to run Print Service:
    java -jar print-1.2.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
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Hi @Vinay

As the steps provided by our team member to run services were able to solve your issue please let us know, and if there is any other issue coming up with the print service you can write back to us in the same thread.

Best Regards,