URL to get KYC in the Mock Data for a Persona

Dear Mosip

Which url can I use to get the mock users KYC information upon successful login on


If you can point me to any api documentation on it
I can see that there is an endpoint


to get the info but what other parameters are sent to get the information from this endpoint

Hi @James_Simbi_Mjuweni

@Anusha_sunkadh Can you please help here on getting the information for other parameters from the endpoint?

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Hi @James_Simbi_Mjuweni,

Kindly note that when https://esignet.collab.mosip.net is used to login then https://esignet.collab.mosip.net/v1/esignet/oidc/userinfo should be used to get userinfo

https://esignet.collab.mosip.net/v1/esignet/oidc/userinfo is a GET endpoint. It only requires “Authorization” header with a valid access token.

curl --location ‘https://esignet.collab.mosip.net/v1/esignet/oidc/userinfo
–header ‘Authorization: Bearer replace-access-token-here’

I am able to get the bearer token the first time. Thank you

But if I try it the second time it fails, does the server have maximum amount of request per account?

James, you can exchange one auth-code for an access-token only once.