Need to show demo

Seeking end-to-end demo with dummy credentials

Hi @Yosync

Thanks for letting us know your requirement for an end-to-end demo of MOSIP, so we can start with the pre-registration & registration process.

Pre-registration user guide - Pre-registration User Guide - MOSIP Docs 1.2.0

Registration user guide - Registration Client User Guide - MOSIP Docs 1.2.0

Using our collab env you will be able to access all the modules of MOSIP and you will find the collab env link here

Pre-registration Login
Any dummy email ID can be used like -
Password - 111111

We will even provide you with an end-to-end demo video flow of our MOSIP ecosystem, which may be helpful for your demo purpose.

For any more details or queries, you can write back to us on the same channel. If this is not what you are looking for demo please elaborate on your requirement to help you out in a better way.

Best Regards,

Collab Env Url -