Setting up demo to test full system functionality

Good day to you. This is an interesting platform. I would like to learn more on how I can get this system setup in a test environment. I would like to get more information on how this can be setup for citizen identity management, civil registration and e-KYC validation for individuals on the system.

I would like to setup a demo so that we could explore the system.

Hi @munamonga

Thank you for your interest in MOSIP Identity! We’re excited to hear that you see the potential for our platform in citizen identity management, civil registration, and e-KYC validation.

Learning More:

  • Documentation: Our website has comprehensive documentation available at Home | MOSIP Docs 1.2.0. Here, you’ll find detailed information on setting up the platform in a test environment, including system requirements and configuration guides.

  • Test Environment Setup: We offer a dedicated test environment for exploration. You can find instructions on accessing the test environment and available features within the documentation.

  • Specific Use Cases: If you have specific questions about how the platform can be used for citizen identity management, civil registration, and e-KYC validation, please don’t hesitate to ask. We can arrange a call to discuss these functionalities in detail.


We can arrange a demo to showcase the platform’s capabilities and answer any questions you may have. To personalize the demo and ensure it aligns with your interests, can you tell us a bit more about:

  • Your specific requirements for citizen identity management, civil registration, and e-KYC validation.
  • Your familiarity with similar platforms.

Next Steps:

Once you’ve explored the documentation and narrowed down your questions, we can plan to schedule a demo and guide you in further assistance setting up the test environment.

We believe MOSIP can be a valuable tool for your needs, and we’re here to support you in exploring its potential.

Best regards,