Need Help In Decommissioning the Machine From Admin Database

Hi Team,

A machine was registered successfully and during the reg client login issue, we decommissioned the machine, but now we are unable to register again the same machine. Could you help me with the process to decommission a machine completely and recommission it?

Importantly, need to appreciate your unconditional support. Was really helpful for us to overcome many issues during the setup. Would have been better if the documentation is up to date. Thanks and waiting for the response on the above request.

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Hey @reddi3

As you have decommissioned the machine and registering it again will give you the error because in MOSIP we don’t give a hard delete option that’s the reason the error is coming while registering the same machine because in the DB and master logs the machine data still exist.

Can you provide the logs if you have tried decommissioning any machine from your side through admin portal?

Thanks for the feedback, our team is working closely working for all the services we provide and keeping the documentation up to date.

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Hi @reddi3

Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated if you could furnish us with the error logs. Furthermore, we would also be interested in understanding the process by which the machine was decommissioned through the database or the administrative user interface. Additionally, we are seeking to ascertain the deployed version of MOSIP.

Hi @reddi3 ,

Can you we know why the machine was decommissioned for login issues?
why did we decommission when we had an option to inactivate the machine?
How did decommission help solve the reg-client login issue?

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