Mosip RegClient crashes after a heap memory corruption

Hi, when registering people using the MOSIP registration client ( we’re faced with a logless crash after going through 3-4 and maximum 5 registrations. Windows system logs say the application crashed due to a “heap memory corruption” issue. When doing some memory profiling we notice the heap usage of the registration client is not normal but we don’t know who the culprit is, we suspect the document scanner. Has anyone run into this issue? I would appreciate the support. Thank you.

Hi @Yafet_Getachew Sorry for the delay in response.

Please use the version of regclient, use the release tag. This is a little strange. We have several deployed on the field.

Nevertheless, can you give us more information on

When do you see the crash? upon start? or after 5 or 3 packets?
Is it happening in one machine or all? Is there a scanner or webcam conflict?