MOSIP platform and setting up the sandbox environment on Microsoft Azure virtual machines (VMs).

Hello MOSIP Community,

I’m interested in exploring the MOSIP platform and setting up the sandbox environment on Microsoft Azure virtual machines (VMs). However, I could use some guidance from the community on the best approach to achieve this.

My goal is to establish a working MOSIP sandbox environment on Azure VMs, following the recommended architecture and deployment practices. I’ve reviewed the official MOSIP documentation, but I would appreciate any additional insights or tips from those who have experience deploying MOSIP on Azure.

Specifically, I have the following questions:

  1. Azure VM Configurations: What would be the recommended VM configurations (vCPUs, RAM, storage) for each of the core MOSIP components (Kernel, Pre-Registration, Registration Client, Registration Processor, ID Repository) in a sandbox environment?
  2. Networking and Load Balancing: Could you provide guidance on how to set up networking and load balancing (if required) for the MOSIP components on Azure VMs?
  3. Integration with eSignet: I’m also interested in integrating MOSIP with eSignet for authentication and identity management. Are there any specific considerations or steps I should be aware of for this integration when deploying on Azure?
  4. Cost Estimation: Based on your experience, could you provide a rough estimate of the monthly costs for running the MOSIP sandbox environment on Azure VMs?
  5. Deployment Automation: Are there any recommended tools or approaches for automating the provisioning and deployment of MOSIP components on Azure VMs (e.g., Azure Resource Manager Templates, Terraform)?

Any insights, tips, or pointers from experienced MOSIP deployments on Azure would be greatly appreciated. I’m willing to put in the effort to learn and set up the environment correctly, but guidance from the community would be invaluable.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Hi @nikhil_malyala

Thanks for showing your interest and apologize for the delayed response from the end based on the question raised by you one of our DevOps team members will look into this shortly and get back to you with the right answers and help you setup the sandbox environment.

Best Regards,