Internal authentication service: getCertificate API not found


I working with authentication-demo-ui,
in (authentication-demo-ui/ at master · mosip/authentication-demo-ui · GitHub) i found the bellow configuration:

ida.certificate.url = ${mosip.base.url}/idauthentication/v1/internal/getCertificate

But in internal authentication service the getCertificate API dosen’t exist.

Any idea about this issue


which version of the application you are using ,
please check in the idauthentication of internal swagger, we can able to see getCertificate API .

Attached screenshot for reference



@Madhu_Gn Thank you for the reply, i working with release- version, yes i found the API using swagger of authentication-internal-service. but the API is not exist in all controller class of this service maybe the swagger description is founded in keymanager of kernel-core dependencies.

So actualy i used /keymanager/getCertificate and is worked, kindly do you confirm is the best practice to use this API of keymanager by authentication-demo desktop application.

Keymanager is not exposed to external parties. Auth demo is expected to work from an external network or the internet. So the advice is to use authentication API. Also, the auth demo is a reference only. In the real world, you may want to cache this certificate and other data to make it work efficiently.

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