ID-Authentication certificate ( applicationId = IDA, refrenceId=PARTNER )


By testing the authentication-demo-ui i need a certificate with applicationId = IDA and refrenceId = PARTNER.
Otherwise the other module certificat are generated using keygenerator-service, but the IDA certificate is not created.
Any idea how to generate this certificate.

This certificate is generated using getCertificate endpoint which is exposed via IDA internal service.

This can be located in IDA internal service swagger.

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hI @LoganathanSekar7627
for test case can i test getCertificate with keymanager service ? ( beacause i have a security issue by runing the same API in authentication internal service).

In this case when i test the getCertificate with keymanager-service i have this issue:

“id”: null,
“version”: null,
“responsetime”: “2023-02-07T16:59:06.283Z”,
“metadata”: null,
“response”: null,
“errors”: [
“errorCode”: “KER-KMS-002”,
“message”: “ApplicationId not found in Key Policy. Key/CSR generation not allowed.”

No @bch, since the IDA key is stored at IDA only, its endpoint only can be used, and keymanager cannot be used.

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