IEEE P3167 new standard initiative


I am excited to announce the kickoff of our P3167 IEEE standard. This work is an attempt to standardize the biometric device interface. This initiative would help us standardize a secure interface for biometric devices not just for foundational id but for the entire biometric collection process.

During the kick-off it was unanimously decided to start the base version of this standard from our SBI specification.

Note: Any specification that MOSIP has published will be supported in our LTS and our future version of the platform. This new initiative once finalised will also be supported by MOSIP. So all MOSIP-compliant devices will continue to work with MOSIP irrespective of this initiative.

For partners and volunteers who are interested in this exciting journey, I would recommend you to signup with the links below. If you are already an IEEE member and you would like to contribute please raise a request to join the project.

Looking forward to working with all of you.

Project Approval Request Details

Home page for P3167

If you are interested please follow this link and create your account.