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It brings me immense pleasure to see our partners at the ID4Africa event. It’s fabulous to see the diversity and innovation that our partners have created above the platform. I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate all our partners’ hard work and contributions.

In ID4Africa we demonstrated an exciting solution called Inji (Mobile ID) to our adopters. The solution ( GitHub - mosip/inji ) is a demo version of what’s possible to be built above MOSIP. The exciting features that the solution offers are

  • Issuance of the digital id into Inji.
  • Support for family members on a single phone.
  • Support for sharing ID from one phone to another using BLE.
  • Sharing ID to an app on the same phone.
  • Consent.
  • Security and protection of the ID at storage and in transit.
  • Machine readable code (QR code, barcode etc) based sharing*
  • Local biometric verification*
  • USSD channel for ID Sharing*

*Not demoable yet.

The adopters are excited about the new possibilities that Inji could offer. While the demo went great, We do have a set of items that we have to collectively address as a community. I am listing down the items that need standardization and interoperability. Any help on the same is appreciated.

  • Security & Compliance of the wallet (Cloud & Mobile).
  • The standard for issuance of the ID to the wallet.
  • The standard for sharing the ID to another app or to another device.
  • The standard for communication with biometric verification SDK’s (local match)

Please reply back to this thread in case you find this opportunity exciting and would like to work with us to create these standards.


Also read about it here for more details: Resident Mobile Application - MOSIP Docs 1.2.0

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Hello Team,

In the above link where it mentions the following: “QR code-based sharing*”

QR is just one form of machine readable code amongst various others and it will be prudent to mention the following:

“Machine Readable code-based sharing*”

This will help to include a larger set of machine readable code based technologies and not be restricted to only QR.

Also, there are technologies available since a year that allow the local (on-device) biometric verification that are integrated with MOSIP. It will good to include this update.

Further, we should include printable ID as a functionality that is already supported and that can be designed into the card design software.

Kindly process this change of specification.


Hi Ameya,

Thanks for the input. I have updated the same in the post as a welcome input. The possibilities are endless and we welcome the ecosystem to innovate and build solutions that offer choice and betterment.

Our default build will always try to work with free, open source components and use open standards based approaches.