How to integrate esignet with Mosip IDA


We need How to integrate esignet with Mosip IDA. Please let us know if there is any guide/sample project. Please note that it is not about mock plugin.

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@Anusha_sunkadh will guide you on how to integrate eSignet with MOSIP IDA.

FYI - Integration Guides | eSignet

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Also refer this document for the integration details.


@Anusha_sunkadh So let detail it out.

Step 1: We have successfully integrated esignet with mock identity plugin

Step 2: We are seeking how to integrate the Mosip identity plugin. We came across below 2 links

As per our understading these settings needs to be made at mosip end and a license key needs to be obtained from there. Secondly there would not be any requirement of plugin to be put inside esignet service ?

Kindly share if there is any reference implementation.

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Hi @dhanendra

To integrate eSignet with MOSIP IDA, Please follow the below steps.

  1. Get the plugin implementation ready. For MOSIP IDA we already have the plugins implemented and ready to be used. This jar should be added into esignet-service classpath.

  2. Configure esignet to use the MOSIP IDA plugin, What to configure and where to configure is documented under these 2 sections → Configuring eSignet | MOSIP Docs 1.2.0 and Configuring eSignet | MOSIP Docs 1.2.0.

  3. Onboard esignet-service as a MISP partner in MOSIP environment using MOSIP partner management system. We also have an onboarder script which can be used to onboard esignet as a MISP.

  4. Onboard Relying party as Auth partner in MOSIP environment again using MOSIP partner management system. For the onboarded auth partner we could create 1 or more OIDC clients. Ref: Partner Management | MOSIP Docs 1.2.0

With these 4 steps, you can complete the eSignet integration with MOSIP IDA.

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Hi @Anusha_sunkadh ,

Thanks for the detailed explanation. Now second question is how we can onboard MISP and auth parter in environment.