Create esignet rely part

hello MOSIP team, Can you guild me to create an e-signet rely party client?. currently I already install all esignet system and MOSIP.
How to get a token with add_oidc_client scope which client have to authentication with

Thank you @sanchi-singh24,
I don’t see a client management section on my admin panel

@Anusha_sunkadh will guide you through the process soon, so it can be easy to create e-Signet relying party client !

Hey @sanchi-singh24 ,

I think we can not use the admin portal for e-Signet client creation.

In your document it is mentioned that there are partner management apis to do that.

Can you please confirm this with you team?


Hi @Roady ,

You are right. when esignet is integrated with MOSIP IDA, relying party and oidc client is managed via PMS.

Hi @mengleang-ngoun & @sanchi-singh24 ,

Create new client scope ‘add_oidc_client’ in keycloak(if not present), and map the “add_oidc_client” scope to “mosip_pms_client” in keycloak. After the mapping is successful, generate new authorization token using “/v1/authmanager/authenticate/internal/useridPwd” endpoint.

Also below scopes are required to onboard esignet as MISP in MOSIP system


I hope @mengleang-ngoun & @Roady this clears your doubts here for e-signet to be integrated with MOSIP IDA where the relying party & OIDC client are managed by the partner management portal.

Thanks @Anusha_sunkadh

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