How to generate demo UINs

Hello MOSIP members,

I would like to test INJI Apps according to the following site.
Collab Environment Setup Guides - MOSIP Docs 1.2.0

First, I entered the necessary information into the google form to generate a demo UIN(VC) and submitted it.

However, the demoUIN information is not received. Why is this?

Hi @Toshiki

Thanks for letting us know your requirement but as we can see on our end we haven’t received any request to generate a demo UIN, can you please refill the form again so that we can initiate the demo UIN for you?

Best Regards,

Hi @sanchi-singh24
Thank you for your answer.

I filled out the form and submitted it again.
Could you see my request?

Below is the png data captured after submission.

Thanks for sharing this !