Import individual's information into id-repo for using resident app inji

Hello MOSIP team, We’re currently exploring your resident app inji but requires a UIN. The process to get UIN is so complicated for exploring feature purposes. so do you have a better solution to generate UIN for individuals more easily? Note: base modules like id-repo, ida, and kernel are installed. Thank MOSIP teams

Hi @mengleang-ngoun

There is a quick solution that we can provide to you is generating UIN from our end but before doing that I would like to know which environment are you using or you have built the APK locally on your system.

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Thank @sanchi-singh24
We completely set up all module that esignet depend on for running

  • keycloak
  • postgres
  • minio
  • kafka
  • config-server
  • websub
  • artifactory
  • keymanager
  • kernel
  • biosdk
  • id-repo
  • pms
  • idea
    We’re onboarding esignet with pms also, but now we still have another problem with importing a new identity into id-repo to get a UIN/VIN to use in another resident service like inji. can you give we process to importing or add new identity into ide-repo without touching with pre-registration and registration process?.
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Sure @mengleang-ngoun our tech lead from the Inji team will guide you through this and help you get UIN.

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Thank you @sanchi-singh24

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