How to create a private repo and use it on config-server

We are using MOSIP v1.2.0.1-B3
Hello we already installed config-server, but planning to reinstall it to use the private repo so that we can edit the in git.

Is there a conflict in doing this? we already install all the MOSIP Modules.

Nope, feel free to move your config repo to private.

We already did but not sure if the config file is getting updated. any idea how to access the config-server? we are currently stuck here, some pods are getting a cannot resolve placeholder.

You need to redeploy config server using helm after updating the values.yaml accordingly.

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Hi @ckm007

We forked the mosip-config from the official git.
Then we use this public repo that we created GitHub - paredescedric3/mosip-config: This repository contains MOSIP configuration templates

searchFolders: “”

could you check if this is correct?

After deploying this is there a way if the config is getting imported from the config-server?
Is there a way to check it?

Hello Team, hope you can help us here.
after deploying the new private repo we are getting this issue on some pods

Could not resolve placeholder ‘mosip.auth.adapter.impl.basepackage’ in value "${mosip.auth.adapter.impl.basepackage}

but it has a value on the config file

@karlxix need to set these bold params correctly for pointing to private repo.
uri: GitHub - mosip/mosip-config: This repository contains MOSIP configuration templates

Folders within the base repo where properties may be found.

searchFolders: “”
private: false ## true for private repo

User name of user who has access to the private repo. Ignore for public repo

username : “your username”
token : “your PAT with read access atleast”

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version → branch name of mosip config.
private → true for private repo.
username → username to be used to access private git repo.
token → PAT of the same user having read access atleast.

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