After Changing Private Repository of Config Server, Deployment Failed Pod Stuck at 1/2 Stage

Following the configuration server’s private repository update, we’ve hit a roadblock where the deployment seems to be stuck at 1/2 stage. However, upon investigation, we haven’t been able to identify any errors. Notably, one Java pod has started and completed successfully.

Here are the details from our values.yaml file:

version: v1.2.0.2

Folders within the base repo where properties may be found.

searchFolders: “”
private: true

User name of the user who has access to the private repo. Ignore for a public repo.

username: “xxx”
token: “xxxx”

Below is the current status of the deployment:
config-server-5845df5544-pg7d8 1/2 Running 0 2m

For information config-server tagged version v1.2.0.1 cloned our private repository.

Hi @bal_sam

Regarding the deployment issue that you are facing with config server deployment one of our DevOps team members will look into the problem - @Rakshith_B Please look into this once and provide a resolution here.

Best regards,

Hi @bal_sam

Could you please describe the pods and share their logs?
kubectl describe pods <pods name> -n config-server
Also, consider increasing the startupProbe failureThreshold to 120 in the deployment.
kubectl edit deploy <deployment name> -n config-server

Hi @bal_sam

Could you please verify if the config-server is up and running without modifying the default values.yaml configuration?

@Rakshith_B without modifying the default values.yaml configuration config server is up and running without any error.

@bal_sam I suspect there’s an issue with configuring Bitbucket. I will look into it. For now, could you please use GitHub.

yes @Rakshith_B i tried with github public account and github private account also, but pod not running.

hi @reddi3

Do a fork of mosip-config
and create a branch out of required branch/tag


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Hi @Rakshith_B I have successfully forked a GitHub public repository thanks. Recently, I attempted to replicate the process of forking a GitHub public repository on Bitbucket using my private account and token. Unfortunately, I encountered some difficulties as the method did not yield the expected results.

Could you kindly assist me with troubleshooting this issue? Any guidance or support you can provide would be greatly appreciated.