How to properly change the repo on config-server

Hello we are currently facing an issue when using a private repo
We can confirm that the configuration files is being downloaded on the config-server, by accessing the config-server pods. but we can still see a cannot resolve placeholder issue on logs even if the configuration file has a value on the repo.

Also may we know if we need to execute this? if we are using a private repo?

Error says cannot find the label if you see in the first screenshot.

Which branch are we using?

Did we configured config-server to point to the required config branch?

you will find the configurations in config server values.yaml file.

Config server needs redeployment with proper configuration.

Hi @ckm007 if we forked mosip-config v1.2.0.1-B3. do we still need to add a version?
if we are using a private repo?

yes, version is the branch name you want to point.
And when you forked did you fork all the branches or just master?

yes. we need to add the value to version.

Can you share the current version of the same?

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Hi @karlxix

Can you share the current version that @ckm007 has requested from you?

Hi we made it work now, thanks.

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Great to hear that !