Problem with downloading files in config-server

In config-server deployment, we are facing a proxy restriction, to download config file from git repo.
So pods are in status CrashLoopBackOff, we add an environment variable in configmaps, and in the deployment as you can see in attached pictures.
As temporary workaround we add environment variable manually in the container, and it works.
How can i resolve this problem and have a permanent solution ?

config in deployment

Config in Configmaps

As per the description the issue seems to be with the Proxy server in the Infrastructure.

You can modify the helm chart to add the required env variable changes and use it further.
Chart repo URL: mosip-helm/charts/config-server at v1.2.0.1-B2 · mosip/mosip-helm · GitHub

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What files need to be updated and variables,values to add?

Add the same variables to deployment.yaml. The same can be templatised also based upon the need.