<Device Certification Framework | MACP> Final Feedback Cycle | Announcement of Dry Runs for SBI 1.0 Devices

Dear Team,

In continuation of our collaborative efforts to develop a certification framework for Biometric Devices, I am pleased to announce that we are in the final stages of finalizing the framework and conducting dry runs with a few of our partners for SBI 1.0 /Registration devices.

For this purpose, we are organizing a community meeting on November 9th (3 PM - 4 PM, India Time). The meeting will primarily address the following topics:

Meeting 1 (Nov 9th):

  • Overview of the framework | Rationale, approach.
  • Progress made so far | Documents produced
  • Opening up channels for final review comments.
  • Review of the additional documents required | Opportunities for collaboration
  • Role of Compliance Test Kits
  • Status of Lab onboarding
  • Plans for the dry certification runs | Why, how and number of slots
  • Follow-up meetings & agenda.

Please register here to participate in this meeting.

We look forward to your continued collaboration on this endeavor.

Sanjith Sundaram


Dear All,

Thank you for joining the meeting. If you were not able to make it, please find the recording here.

Passcode: !3hBpp4a

Please find the document links for adding your review comments and queries:
Framework Review
Device Profile Review
Lab Qualification Review

Please complete your review comments by 24th November.

Dry Certification Run Nominations are open now. Please refer to the recording shared above or the presentation here for more details and the process to follow.

Complete set of framework documentation is available here.

Thank you once again for the progress we all are making as a team!

– Sanjith Sundaram