Release Announcement: CTK 1.3.0 is here!

Dear MOSIP Community!

We are delighted to announce the much-anticipated release of CTK (Compliance Tool Kit) version 1.3.0, bringing a host of powerful features and enhancements. Here’s a sneak peek into the new capabilities:

  1. Enhanced Report Generation: CTK now offers improved report generation and submission capabilities, making the review process smoother and more efficient.
  2. Admin Login Functionality: A brand new admin login feature has been introduced, empowering administrators to view partner reports, conduct test runs, and approve or reject submitted reports.
  3. Quality Assessment with BQAT: Quality assessment test cases using BQAT quality checks on biometrics captured by SBI devices have been seamlessly incorporated.
  4. Additional Hash Validation Test Cases: Specifically designed test cases for SBI ensure thorough validation of data integrity, reinforcing the reliability of your system.
  5. Kibana Dashboards Support: CTK now supports Kibana Dashboards, providing a more insightful and interactive experience.

Get ready to elevate your compliance testing experience with these cutting-edge features! Dive into the future of CTK by upgrading to version 1.3.0 today.

For a detailed overview of the release, you can visit: CTK v1.3.0 Release Notes

To delve into the functionalities introduced in the V1.3.0 release, refer to our documentation. For inquiries regarding compliance with the MOSIP specification, feel free to contact us at

Note: CTK 1.3.0 will be available soon for the synergy environment, we will keep you posted!

Kudos to our outstanding team for the successful launch of CTK version 1.3.0! Your dedication and innovation shine through. Thank you for your commitment to excellence!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each of you for your continued support and collaboration. Your engagement, feedback, and dedication are the driving forces behind the success of MOSIP. Together, we are creating a robust and inclusive digital identity ecosystem.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community.

Warm regards,
Sanchi Singh
Product Owner - CTK
On behalf of the MOSIP Team

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