Deployment of MOISP with minimal services

Hi ,
I have a vm with 20g
and I want to install Mosip services with minimum services
for example admin services , keymanger kernel, regi-pro, reg-client,…
Without rancher and I want to install them like admin service deploy to k8s and acced to it from ingress
is it possible?
And How?

  • I have a VM with 20g:
    • For resources requirement, please let us know which are the exact modules required.
  • Without rancher:
    • Yes, it is possible.
    • Rancher is used for cluster management, and you can also manage your cluster without it using the cluster kube config file.
  • Access to it from ingress:
    • You can access services via Istio ingress

So if I used minikube and want to install mosip services :

I start with:

1) mosip-infra/deployment/v3/external at master · mosip/mosip-infra · GitHub

External components

  1. mosip-infra/deployment/v3/mosip at master · mosip/mosip-infra · GitHub

Install in the following order:

And should be work?

In theory, it should but our resource requirements are higher and I suspect that it would end up in a crash loop.

As of now entire mosip deployment can not be run with a minikube.