Release Announcement : CTK 1.4.0 is here!

Dear MOSIP Community,

We are thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated release of CTK (Compliance Tool Kit) version 1.4.0, packed with a plethora of powerful features and enhancements. Here’s a glimpse into the exciting new capabilities:

  1. Quality Assessment Report for Collections: Now, Quality Assessment Collections come with a dedicated Quality Assessment Report, eligible for review similar to the Compliance Collection report.
  2. CTK Landing Page: Introducing a brand-new landing page for CTK, providing a centralized hub for easy navigation and access to essential resources.
  3. Terms & Conditions Consent Popup: Partners will now encounter a Terms & Conditions consent popup during login. Failure to provide consent will result in automatic logout.
  4. SBI Testcases Enhancements: This release includes enhancements such as the addition of negative SBI test case SBI1196 and optional bioSubTypes in RCapture request test cases.
  5. Community Reported Issues: Addressing community-reported issues, including the fix for the Android SBI CTK Check Device Status failed issue.
  6. Trust Validation Process: Incorporating an additional check for Organization Name in the trust validation process to enhance security and reliability.
  7. Encrypted Responses: Responses from SBI RCapture are now encrypted and stored in the CTK database for enhanced security.
  8. Technical Enhancements: Addition of a Batch Job for Archival of oldest X test runs per collection, configurable X, and creation of a separate repository for CTK test cases.
  9. API Documentation: A comprehensive API documentation is now available, along with separate repositories for CTK test cases.
  10. Bug Fixes: Addressing bugs identified in Security Testing of CTK to ensure a seamless user experience.

For a detailed overview of the release, please visit the CTK v1.4.0 Release Notes.

To explore the functionalities introduced in the V1.4.0 release, refer to our documentation. For inquiries regarding compliance with the MOSIP specification, feel free to contact us at

Note: CTK 1.4.0 will soon be available in the synergy environment. Stay tuned for updates!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each of you for your continued support and collaboration. Your engagement, feedback, and dedication are the driving forces behind the success of MOSIP.

Please note, that we will temporarily pause frequent releases of CTK and instead prioritize performance and security testing of CTK modules in the upcoming quarter.

Thank you once again for being an integral part of our community. Together, we look forward to creating a robust and inclusive digital identity ecosystem.

Warm regards,
Sanchi Singh
Product Owner - CTK
On behalf of the MOSIP Team

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