Sign in with esignet Button

I have followed all the mandatory steps based on the local deployment videos. Both services (esignet service and mock identity service) are started, but I have a problem with the ‘Sign in with esignet’ button not being shown. How can I display the ‘Sign in with esignet’ button in the mock reeling parity UI

Dear @Melkamu_Atalel ,

Welcome to the community and thank you for reaching out. One of our colleagues will look into your query and respond here.

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Hi @Melkamu_Atalel,

Could you please share the value being used for the variable ‘SIGN_IN_BUTTON_PLUGIN_URL’ in the ‘env-config.js’ file located in the public folder of the ‘mock-relying-party-ui’ within the esignet-mock-services?

Hello Sir,

Thank you for your prompt response. Here is the URL for the SIGN_IN_BUTTON_PLUGIN: However, I am unable to access this button plugin file. What should I do?

Thank you.

And could you please provide a brief explanation about the integration of OIDC UI and the relying party service?

Thank you, Sir, for your prompt response and support.

Hello @Melkamu_Atalel,

Please replace the value of SIGN_IN_BUTTON_PLUGIN to “” and re-run the project.

Thank you sir, It’s working.

And I have another question, sir. I have started the OIDC UI on localhost:3000, but I am unable to access the well-known APIs. Could you please guide me on how to connect the OIDC UI with the Esignet service?..and also When I access all four well-known API links, I encounter this type of error. How can I fix it, sir?

Hello @Melkamu_Atalel,

Can you please refer this link: