Problem On OIDC UI

I have started the OIDC UI on localhost:3000, but I am unable to access the well-known APIs. Could you please guide me on how to connect the OIDC UI with the Esignet Service?..and also When I access all four well-known API links, I encounter this type of error. How can I fix it, Please?

Hello @Melkamu_Atalel,

Can you please check that you are running esignet-service in your local?

I am pleased to inform you that my Esignet service has successfully started on localhost:8088. However, I am encountering difficulties with the configuration of the OIDC UI and the Esignet service. Could you kindly provide me with the configuration steps?

Thank you for your assistance.

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Please update the process.env.PUBLIC_URL to process.env.REACT_APP_ESIGNET_API_URL in the EsignetDetails.js file located in esignet\oidc-ui\src\components.

Additionally, add the following line to the .env.development.local file:


thank you sir it’s working, But i have another problem with authorization when i press the button

Hello @Melkamu_Atalel , our experts are looking into this and we will come back as soon as possible

Hello @Melkamu_Atalel

Could you please provide the esignet logs and the console logs?

Thank you, sir. I have addressed the previous error; however, I am now encountering the following issue.

so how can i fix it please, i am using individual_id(6267411571) But it shows me an error(Invalid VID).

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Please verify the following

  1. mock-identity-system database is connected to your local.
  2. individual_id which you are providing as VID, should be available in the mock_identity table in the above database.

If you don’t find any entry of the individual_id, use the below query:

INSERT INTO mockidentitysystem.mock_identity(
individual_id, identity_json)
VALUES (‘8267411571’, ‘{“individualId”:“8267411571”,“pin”:“111111”,“fullName”:[{“language”:“fra”,“value”:“Siddharth K Mansour”},{“language”:“ara”,“value”:“تتگلدكنسَزقهِقِفل دسييسيكدكنوڤو”},{“language”:“eng”,“value”:“Siddharth K Mansour”}],“gender”:[{“language”:“eng”,“value”:“Male”},{“language”:“fra”,“value”:“Mâle”},{“language”:“ara”,“value”:“ذكر”}],“dateOfBirth”:“1987/11/25”,“streetAddress”:[{“language”:“fra”,“value”:“yuān⥍”},{“language”:“ara”,“value”:“$لُنگᆑ”},{“language”:“eng”,“value”:“Slung”}],“locality”:[{“language”:“fra”,“value”:“yuān 2”},{“language”:“ara”,“value”:“يَُانꉛ⥍”},{“language”:“eng”,“value”:“yuan wee”}],“region”:[{“language”:“fra”,“value”:“yuān 3”},{“language”:“ara”,“value”:“$لُنگᆑ”},{“language”:“eng”,“value”:“yuan wee 3”}],“postalCode”:“45009”,“country”:[{“language”:“fra”,“value”:“CMâttye”},{“language”:“ara”,“value”:“دسييسيكدك”},{“language”:“eng”,“value”:“Cmattey”}],“encodedPhoto”:“test”,“individualBiometrics”:{“format”:“cbeff”,“version”:1.0,“value”:“individualBiometrics_bio_CBEFF”},“email":"”,“phone”:“+91987654321”}’);

Hello @Gurukiran_P
Here it is my individual Id Sir, But its not working

With Pleasure.