NFS dependency issue during install Mosip

hello guys

I’m trying to run (an site.yml ) to install mosip and hsve finished all terraform and preinstallation requirement but stuck at start nfs-server.service , i tried to start all dependencies and run systemctl list-dependencies (service name ) but no luck so i highly appreciating your support
I follow this github url [mosip-infra/deployment/sandbox-v2 at · mosip/mosip-infra · GitHub]

Hi @mahmoud_magdy Can I get the result of below mentioned commands from the console machine:

  1. sudo systemctl status firewalld
  2. kc1 get pods -A | grep nfs
  3. sudo systemctl status nfs
  4. cat /etc/exports
  5. sudo systemctl status nfs-server

Also have you seen any error while running the below mentioned playbooks ?

  1. nfs.yml
  2. mz-nfs-provisioner.yml