Mosip Configuration Issue

When I run an site.yml, it starts installing and then it stops at this point.

fatal: []: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "msg": "Unsupported parameters for (yum) module: version Supported parameters include: allow_downgrade, autoremove, bugfix, conf_file, disable_excludes, disable_gpg_check, disable_plugin, disablerepo, download_dir, download_only, enable_plugin, enablerepo, exclude, install_repoquery, install_weak_deps, installroot, list, lock_timeout, name, releasever, security, skip_broken, state, update_cache, update_only, use_backend, validate_certs"}

Can somebody help please?

Do you have the correct centos version with python 3?

I have centos 7.8 with python 2.7
I fixed the issue by commenting the version line in roles/packages/netaddr/tasks/main.yml

@synapse which branch of mosip-infra is used for installation?

I deployed Mosip Infra on AWS using Terraform.
I used the git branch


@synapse have update the changes in the repo…
Also FYI from onwards we will be moving to V3 architecture… so presently we may have issues in sandboxV2 installation following branch as the same is not out for release, so in the meantime team fixes the issues you can start with V3 deployment architecture and deploy the same.
Find the details of the same here: mosip-infra/deployment/v3 at · mosip/mosip-infra · GitHub do let us know if you face any issues in the deployment.